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Ted X Chris The Kiss 14 FanFic(apology in descr)
The first place Ted thought to look was at the pet shop. They always had some cats for adoption that Chris would set free threw out the store, calling for a revolution against the workers. 
Ted stepped threw the door, a soft smile on his lips as he thought about the times Chris had gotten kicked out and him and Aiden needed to pick him up. Chris was definitely banned from the store but that didn't mean he didn't try and come in anyway. 
No cats were loose so that wasn't the best sign. Ted turned towards the nearest worker at the only opened cash register. "Hey have you seen the blonde haired kid lately?" Best description ever.
"Him?" of course they knew who he was talking about they saw them every day. "Not in a few weeks luckily. Why are you looking for him?"
"How'd you guess?"
"You look a bit lost." The cashier shrugged and rung up someone's dog treats. "Not around here though, or else you'd see some police officers outside, and animal control."
"Damn, thanks anyways."
:icontranscandydemon:TransCandyDemon 4 2
Ted X Chris The Kiss 13 FanFic
Chris ran quickly down the street, dodging around a couple people, keeping Foofy close to him. He could feel the tears dripping down his cheeks a bit. Why’d he even do this? He should have known he was going to get rejected! Why would Ted ever like him?? They were both guys for one thing!
Chris sniffled and wiped his tears from his face with one hand, but before he knew it he felt something snag against his foot and he came tumbling down onto the ground. He yelped, making sure Foofy was safe as he fell onto his side. Shit..
He sat up and cursed, looking at the small gash on the side of his arm. He winced a bit and covered it with his other hand. Great, it’s not like that’s gonna get infected or something haha, shit.
“You alright there kid?” The man said, holding a hand out to him to help him up.
Chris sniffled some and looked up to him, slowly taking his hand. Hell he was a police officer who wouldn’t trust him? He looked kind of familiar.
:icontranscandydemon:TransCandyDemon 153 133
Underwater Intimacies :iconxrls:XRlS 3,107 415 Infusion: Dr. Morphine Sketch :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 166 16 Crystal Gems :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,525 50 Glass Bowl - WIP :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 4,339 245 Inner Glow :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 12,403 413 I was only gone for three minutes :icondeadendseries:DeadEndSeries 21 3 2 Families :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 6,613 478 Underfell || Dungeon :iconicyhazard-xxx:Icyhazard-XxX 18 9 hooooooooooooly :iconmistresshunter:MistressHunter 8 5 i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 319 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 398 60 KnT - 129 :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 4,676 319 FEAR ME, HOOMAN :iconmorippin:MORIPPIN 64 25 KnT - 128 :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 4,970 509
                             Ok. sooo as everyone has seen, i have start made a loooooot of Pixel animations.   
                                                             - AAAND i WONT stop doing those    - :giggle:  
                    ALSO, i have noticed that someone really use them and im soooooo SOOOOO happy!! OMG thnx sooo much   omg im so happy
                                    But idk does this Bothered/Annoy someone, Becouse i submit those
:iconxuranusx:XUranusX 3 13



Love Spell
Finished but kept forgetting to post it because of school work and I keep getting new drawing ideas so this was the last thing on my mind so might as well upload it now.
Character and art belongs to me. Do not steal trace or use or upload to any other site without my permission, thank you.
How does someone face? Like I forgot everything about drawing faces. Any advice? Thanks.
Fancy B******
Sorry I haven't uploaded anything in a while thank you for being so patient. I know it looks like I half assed this. In all honesty I did. It started out good but things came up and I've been very distracted lately. I promise better work in the future.
Reference sheet for Lilly
Lilly is the best friend of Scarlett as far as she knows she her species is angel. Lilly is stubborn but she is patient where as her friend Scarlett can't sit still with out getting bored and start complaining on how long others take to get things done. Lilly is very talkative and won't shut up once you get her talking. She is very outgoing. She will put herself in danger if it means proving herself to other angels and showing that she is just as strong as them even if her wings don't work. Lilly was born with small wings. She is barley able to move an inch off the ground. This only made her work harder and learned to quicken her reflexes. Lilly's mother used to be one of the queens guards. She was the toughest and strongest angel. But she disappeared a year after Lilly was born. Not even the queen knows where her guard went to or why. The queen made sure her servants raised Lilly and made sure she was able to go to school. Lilly wants to be like her mother she has heard stories on how she was able to kill 1000 demons with her bare hands. Angels at her school and training sessions whispered about how she never flew. They said her wings are useless. Useless wings. Little angels who were learning how to fly would jump off high tree tops and flutter their wings trying to fly. When she was seven she went off to the top of the tree. She wanted to fly she would try to fly, she wanted to prove them wrong but sadly her wings were just too small. Ever since then she worked hard. She may be stuck on the ground but she will not let that get the best of her. When news broke out about a demon being loose in Angel territory she took the mission to kill a demon and bring its wings and horns back as proof that she was strong enough she will be an even bigger legend than her mother. She ran out to find the demon. Her vision wasn't as good at seeing demons as other angels, everything was always blurred or faded. When others saw horns and a tail she saw a normal human she had to squint to see what the others saw. She ran off into the forest where the demon was spotted. When she found Scarlett she ran full speed at her and kicked her to the ground. She knew the demon was weak it was her chance to kill. But she couldn't. There was something that was stopping her. Sympathy? A bit of humanity? She couldn't and she wouldn't. Scarlett had no idea why Lilly didn't kill her but she's glad she didn't. Lilly is glad she didn't kill Scarlett since Scarlett is the one that is teaching her to cook. When Scarlett tells Lilly what happened to her kingdom Lilly has an idea of asking her Queen for help. When Lilly asked for help the queen said it's not her lands problem and that if she gets involved it may start another war. She is asked to drop the problem and pretend she never met Scarlett but Lilly walks away with Scarlett. She will not give up until she has helped Scarlett's people receive the justice they deserve.
Sunset over lake background so I don't know if you'll see this but I don't know what to do with this background so you can have it.


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